Artist Statement

Art to me is first and foremost an excavation of voice that starts with a question. 

The canvas is the space within which the conversation takes place. As such, I respect it as sacred territory making space for story.

I come to it in the spirit of relationship asking for an exchange to take place, a deep conversation in which all the parts of me connect and collaborate to speak soul.

In that respect, my approach is dialogic and intuitive. As I create, I strive to inhabit a space of receptivity and responsiveness.

Painting to me is a celebration of life below the surface and a deliberate cultivation of awareness. As such, it is an ever-evolving iterative process, stoking the fire of original expression. One canvas at a time, I seek to walk my own Via Sophia, the path of inquiry and wisdom that leads me closer to myself & my own understanding of consciousness in the now. 

I first came to painting shortly after moving to the United States from France, my country of origin. On my self-taught journey as an artist, I discovered Shiloh Sophia McCloud’s work and found a home in her teachings on Intentional Creativity®, the method she developed with her teacher Sue Hoya Sellars. Inspired and encouraged by Shiloh, I became a Certified Intentional Creativity Coach and Musea Collective Guild Member in 2021.

In this heARTfelt space of co-creation, my hope as an artist is to participate in the great unfolding that we call life, one seed of becoming at a time. I sincerely hope that, as you witness my work, more questions arise so that we may keep interrogating and creating together, supporting each other on our paths as soulful storytellers.